Katch keeps it real

Katch is the only dating service in the world that if you are fat we will say you are fat, that’s because we know people out there are seeking people who are fat! The very same can be said about people seeking funny people, we will present them to people who can make them laugh.  

We at Katch don’t care about the keyboard warriors who criticize us for not being socially vanilla, we are only concerned with helping people find and interact with people they connect with on a personality level. The superficial concept of thinking that swiping on people’s faces will bring the majority love is preposterous, but with such a demand for love online, singles know nothing else but this toxic world of “hoping that someone will like your facial looks” and hopefully try to engage with you.

Our concept is no matter what people think about another person, somebody is, will or will eventually love that person. There is someone out there who will love you for being you, as long as they can see that real version of you.

Let’s be real! Why do so many people wear items of clothing that sucks in their body fat or push up their saggy bobs or over do makeup – all to avoid the feeling of being rejected. Our philosophy is to stop worrying about being rejected, focus on being you and the real you as so many people want to get to know your real personality and love all of you.

So if you have a trunk of an ass, big wide hips and are open minded about your future with Mr or Mrs right then register on katch.ie and interact with people who will like you for being you.

Katch is all about meeting people you click with www.katch.ie.

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