How to setup a Virtual Video Blind Date


  • Katch App Installed on your Mobile
  • Good Internet Connect (minimum 4G but preferably good wifi)
  • Understand that the Virtual Video Date is 30 mins after the Blind Date scheduled time

To have your blind date virtually you will first need to download the Katch App from and login with your credentials. You should know your username as you will have received emails from Katch stating it but if you forgot your password you can retrieve it from

Once logged into the Katch App click on the tab on top called DATES and you will see the screenshot below. It will show your blind date schedule.

30 mins before your Blind Date is due to start you will see an update to the schedule where you can see a new Chat button. This enables you to chat with your blind date match.

Pressing on the chat button brings up the private chat console where you can interact with your date before hand.

30 mins after the Blind Date start time you will see a Video Call button in the DATES tab. This remains here for 3 hours after the Blind Date start time and enables you to have a video call with your match.

Once you press on the Video Call button you are again brought to the chat area, but this time there is a small Video Call icon on the bottom right hand corner which initiates the video call once pressed.

Pressing the video call icon initiates the call with your match.

Call rings your match. If they are not ready you may need to call again until they answer, so be a little patient. If your call drops for any reason please check your internet connection speed or logout of katch and back in and try calling again.

Once either of you are complete with the call, simply press the X button to end the call. You can call as many times as you like within the 3 hour blind date period.