Top 3 dating tips for Irish singles from a dating app founder

Like with this article, getting straight to what you want is always the best advice. From someone you like glances at you at a petrol station – you should get right over and open a conversation or to someone you met online  – you should ask that person out for coffee straight away. The key is everyone wants something to happen so the longer you wait around to ask only sends the wrong impression.

Numerous researches and surveys have shown that dating has indeed become harder for singles in the last few years. While there are plenty of tips on the internet which promise to change your dating life, Paul Numan, the founder of, decided to share his own experience from developing one of Ireland’s leading video dating app; with the newly or long-time singles: 

  1. Be the real person you are – try not to lie about anything in your profile or out mingling. The truth always sets you free and balances your inner energy which everyone can see. Even though we highly recommend video only profiles, but if you have to add photos into your profile make sure they are taken by a friend and analyzed by a friend before uploading – they know the real external best of you.
  1. Personality is everything. Give people a chance to engage with you as a person, what you do, what you like, what you do after work, etc.  Most people meet their significant other through constant interaction (work, college, friends of friends, family contacts, etc.) so that says something.  They don’t fall in love with your face, they fall for you as a complete person – so let people in enough for them to feel your spirit. 
  1. Interaction builds attraction – as briefly mentioned above, if you interact with someone for long enough in a positive manner the likelihood of that person liking you increases dramatically. You might feel scared to interact or afraid of rejection, but like riding a bike you have to practice at it to improve. So our suggestion is to study the art of talking to strangers and start a training plan with personal rewards. The goal with interaction is to increase the number of people you are acquaintances of, as the more you interact with them the likelihood of them becoming friends and lovers increases. 

Paul discusses these three tips and others in his weekly Wednesday webinar session on Basic Interacting.  The event is hosted on the Katch network where Paul broadcasts live, also during this event attendees also have the chance to interact and practice with one another. For more visit 

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