The Shazam of Dating – Vibration Decoding for Singles

Shazam listens to a short clip of music and provides the listener with the details of who sang that song –  well an Irish based video dating app named Katch aims to do the very same but with single people looking to locate their human vibration match. This concept of finding a date might seem far fetched but it’s what the 70s hippie movement wholeheartedly believed in as well as many of today’s leading psychologists studying human frequency and the law of attraction.

The hypothesis of vibration decoding for singles is that people feel more comfortable around people they connect with and the more interaction a person does in that frequency around another leads to attraction. The term “connect” is often used to describe that a person has many things in common with another so they feel at ease chatting or in psychology terminology you are both vibrating on the same frequency so it requires very little energy to interact. 

Calculating a person’s frequency is not straightforward because a person’s vibratory frequency can change based on their mood and feeling as well as many other variables. What Katch has done is found a unique way to locate the mean value of a relaxed individual’s Hz (hertz) level by asking predefined questions before taking a structured audio sample of a short sentence.  

Even though Katch is at the very early stages of the vibration decoding stage, its research results make for very interesting reading and analysis. From the 30 couples Katch tested (who have been together for over 1 year) of which they characterized into different interest groups (based on the Myers Biggs personality groups), Katch found that 79% of the couples had similar Hz (hertz) data ranges ( +/- 5 to 10% deviation), as seen below:

  • Group A : Woman 185 – 200 and Male 110 – 125 Hz
  • Group B : Woman 160 – 180 and Male 130 – 150 Hz
  • Group C : Woman 235 – 255 and Male 85 – 100 Hz

Based on the initial results from the small couples group, Katch then tested 30 singles with the same test schema as the couples and then brought these new categorized singles together in virtual video events based on the matching groups. After these virtual video events each singleton was asked to fill out an exit questionnaire – the results showed that 91% of people said they felt very comfortable with the people they interacted with at the event and all 84% stated they would like to meet the people they met again.

The results of the Katch study are very interesting but need to be taken to a much larger subset to validate the initial results. But if the initial results are anything to go by then finding that someone special – whom you really click with will soon be as easy as finding the song name which you heard on the radio.

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