Hungry for Love in 2022

During the pandemic the onset of catfishing, fake profiles, ghosting and other dishonest activities on dating apps have led Irish singles to swiping their dating profiles clean and to start the new year fresh.  The big word for 2022 is “Virtual Dating Events” where single people meet real people face to face in a relaxed bar style atmosphere.  These events have musicians playing live and are fully managed by dating professionals.  Here are our 5 simple steps to help Irish singles secure a date before Valentine’s Day:

  1. Jump into the deep end and book to attend a virtual dating event, maybe even attend with a friend so you can both share the experience.
  2. Dress your best, have a few chat topics memorized and have a drink or two ready for the event.
  3. Enjoy the event experience and interact with the musician and attendees.  
  4. When introduced to a match, relax and chat as if you met them at a bar.  If you like the person, press the like button and extend the interaction.
  5. After the event invite those that you liked out for a coffee date

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