Comparing Katch to Bumble/Tinder/POF

Dating is fun. That’s why our goal at Katch is to help you understand other single people better and interact with suitable matches face to face as quickly as possible so you can get dating.  Like attracts like and attraction is built on interaction – so if your personalities match and you are yourself around that other person for long enough the likelihood of that person liking you will increase.

Katch is the best dating app for single people who want to find that someone special because:

Video makes everything real

Katch only uses live video so everything is real at the time of recording – users cannot upload pictures or videos or a lengthy biography.  This means there are no fake profiles, old photos, cat fishing etc.  Everybody is real and unedited or unfiltered, people see you for you and are able to get a greater understanding of who the real you is.  During registration we require all members to record a 7 seconds screening video (captions provided).  Once reviewed and accepted you will be able to edit this screening video and add a second video to complete your profile.

Match people based on their personalities

At Katch we believe people are attracted to energy frequencies or what we call personality traits, for example certain women love humor which is why they gravitate to guys who are funny.  Unlike other dating services where you can only like or dislike someone based on their looks, at Katch we allow people to comment on personality virtues – Charisma, Physique, Humor, Looks and Sincerity.  Based on this our dating algorithm is able to match people together with people they “click” with – not like others who seem to only match based on physical attraction.

Interaction is where the real magic happens

We know it’s a numbers game and the more singles you interact with face to face the better chance you will have of matching with one.  Based on this Katch organises regular mingling events for singles to provide this face to face meeting opportunities.  These fun events aim to simulate the relaxed bar environment, where there is live music, seminars, group chit chatting and the possibility to video chat with as many singles as you would like to interact with.  These one2one mingling video chats are 2 mins long and provide an excellent opportunity to get to know and interact with someone new.

Go on and try Katch out for yourself. You will meet someone you like.

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