5 ways to ask your crush out before Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day has always been the special occasion when singles would send their crush a valentines card and possibly ask them out on a date. With the pandemic almost behind us, many singles with crushes now have that face to face opportunity to physically ask someone out.  We know this can be a very nervous time for most singles so the Katch dating experts have put together a guide on how to ask your crush out the best way.

  1. Go straight up to them and initiate a relaxed chat.  Research shows that if there is chemical energy then you both will want to chat longer – as long as it’s relaxed and not forced.
  2. Once you get a moment and it feels right then ask them out by saying something like, “well what are you doing tomorrow night”
  3. If they say yes then arrange a time and place.  If they say they are busy then say “maybe another night?” – then pause a few seconds and let them respond as this will show their interest.  
  4. If you get a brush off with the likes of “well …..” then say something like “ahh I like you, you’re cool – see you around.
  5. Then move on to the next.

Rule of thumb is to never allow yourself to build up some type of fantasy relationship with someone in your mind, make sure to always act on your thoughts early as actions speak louder than words.  Lastly if someone is not into you that is perfectly fine and move on to the next, as there are plenty of singles out there who will like you for being you.

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