Online daters love toxic relationships

According to which is one of the leading video dating services on the market, over 80% of people try and lie on their dating application about age, height and body type.  We also know from the majority of Instagram accounts that over 70% of pictures uploaded have filters to hide their true facial and body identities – this is also true for dating profiles.  So the basis of any interaction on dating services today is all based on lying to one another.

Why do we expect anything better from dating services where everyone is there for unclear reasons or are hiding the real reason for interacting.  If we look to the dating industry statistics, women who take dating chat from a dating service to another chat program like WhatsApp or Viber for example will more than likely receive a unrequested di*k pic or a rude request for sex within the first five chat engagements.  This engagement has almost become the industry norm and has psychologists worried around the world that semi real relationships are being formed in this toxic environment. 

It’s really unclear as to why this occurs but the industry lends a hand to this toxicity by the way face swiping forms the basis of emotional interaction.  In the scientific community it has been proven that social media likes are linked to increased serotonin levels in the body, these quick rush spikes are proven to be additive and not healthy for the overall stabilization of self esteem within individuals.  It’s as if these likes we once craved have been replaced with sexual requests becoming the new form of social acceptance.  So where is this going to lead us to?  From an anatomical futuristic standpoint, we are providing so much information to the internet about ourselves and our bodies that soon the system could easily replicate us, where one day we open the door to see an exact replica of ourselves outside. It’s far fetched but if you can remember back to the 90s movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock where in the future sex was initiated via headsets – we aren’t far from that sort of crazy right now.

To bring things back into perspective people today need to do things they are in harmony with and not what society deems as accepted. We all knew when selfies came out that they were weird and wrong but “everyone was doing them” so we presumed they were ok.  We also know that dick pics are wrong but are slowly becoming the norm.  We are living in a toxic world and this is transforming the way we date and interact with other people.  We need to make changes before our entire value system gets skewed. 

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