Marriage Fund

The Marriage Fund was setup by the Katch team to help newly weds with the first steps of their journey together as a family unit. Katch is only dating app globally that offers funds to help with married life, to people who met on their app.

Current Fund Balance is €435

How does it work and how does the fund grow?
Katch donates money each week into the fund from revenue it generates through events and subscriptions, so each week this fund grows and grows until someone applies for it and draws it down.

How to apply to get some or all of the funds?
Any Katch members can apply for the funds. All that we require is that you met on Katch and that you plan to get married within a 6 month period.

What the Fund covers?
We don’t really care as long as it benefits you and your future spouse. It could be used as a down payment on a house or family car, pay for the wedding or the honeymoon – we don’t mind as long as it benefits your life together.

How to apply for the funds?
Just send us an email to with your details and your relationship story. We will get back to all applicants with full details on how to progress.