Video profiles are the future of online dating

What Katch is doing with video and personality rating is where the dating industry will progress towards in 2022

All potential members on Katch must record an introduction video when they register, this video is then checked and verified by Katch staff. This video then acts as the profile video until the member logs in and records a new video(s). This new video profiling process eliminates the following:

  • Stops cat fishing
  • Stops users uploading old photos
  • Stops scammers
  • Stops fake profiles

Other additional benefits this process gives are:

  • Shows users the real you (they see other virtues about you)
  • People feel more connected with you via video (so meeting with them is easier)
  • Shows personality (funny people attracted those who like humor)

No matter the list of benefits of video profiles, most people are afraid of recording a video profile as its very personal. But no matter what anyone says, you will eventually have to meet “the person” in real life at some stage. So the faster you can make this introduction as simple as possible the better – video does this.

To view some video profiles in a previous article please visit – Katch is the dating app for busy women seeking relationships

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