Valentine’s Singles Guide: Don’t be shy, give it a try!

Valentine’s is a day for couples to celebrate their love but also a day for singletons to gather internal motivation to initiate communication with their love interest.’s “Don’t be shy, give it a try” Valentine’s singles guide for 2022 is great for singletons to get back into the mingling action after the covid restrictions.  

Our simple idea for “Don’t be shy, give it a try” is to follow our phone number idea below – but you may have better ideas so the main thing is to get out there and try!

Katch Phone Number Idea

Simple chat strategy for singles – go up to the person you like and ask:

  • What’s your number … ? and wait for a response, then based on their response say
  • No, no just the first 3 digits ….. And wait again.  Then they will say something like o86 or o87
  • Then say “o” is not a number …. And wait for the laugh
  • Then progress in a fun way and ask for the full number or by asking what are you doing tomorrow at 7.

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