Unsuccessful dating is mostly self inflicted

Being a growing video dating app, we have a firsthand view of how many singles really lack the basics of successful online dating. Our staff often say in meetings “Would normal people present themselves the same when they go out in public?”. It’s almost as if people really don’t care about how they present themselves online. Truth is that most are trying online dating for the near first time and nobody has ever told them how it all works or what needs to be done to achieve the desired success.

Even though we are the only video dating app with anti catfishing features, the amount of retake video requests the Katch system sends members is colossal. We put this down to trying out something new, but you would be so surprised to see what people record in their profile. Maybe unknowing to each user is that others can view their profile as much as they can view others. It begs the question whether people are just entertaining themselves or fantasizing as opposed to trying to find someone special to spend their lives with.

The other major hurdle all singles seem to stumble at is the initial small chat. Even though Katch has daily group video events that introduces singles “face to face” with others who match their personality, we still see weird and wonderful chat up messages that have as much chance of success as a lead balloon flying. The most common chat up message people send one another is “Hi, how are you?”. In dating statistical terms this has on average a 4% chance of getting a response from the receiver. The weird thing about it is most people repeat the same message over and over to many singles and over time they know it does not work but they continue sending it. Statistically women receive on average 10 times more messages than men, so in order to catch a woman’s attention men have to write witty and creative messages that stand out. 

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