Single and Shy? Rejection week can help

Single people are inherently shy and the fear of rejection is a feeling everyone aims to avoid. The main driver of fear among singleton is their lack of a clear understanding of how people actually date. If asked most would say that good looks, sex appeal, confidence, height, money, career, etc are the key requirements in getting people to like you. Of course some are slightly true in part but the main driver that creates an emotional bond is “interaction” as without it there is nothing more than simple imagination. 

In today’s world date swiping is the main driver of imagination dating and although it’s initially soothing as it satisfies the short term emotional side of everyone, does nothing to the overall spirit going forward as we require concrete reciprocal actions in a constant form. If we take a in depth look as to how married people hooked up we will see that over 85% of couples either met via family and friends or met in bars, college or work. So the main factor in how people found love is through constant positive interaction – in the dating terminology we interpret this as interaction builds attraction. The more often a person is around someone in a positive communicative manner dramatically increases the possibility of the other growing emotional feelings for the person.   

If interaction is the key then why aren’t more people out socializing and talking with everyone in order to get to know them. According to, shyness is what holds the majority of single people back, they seem more afraid of rejection than the feeling of loneliness. “To get over shyness we encourage all new Katch members to try our rejection week” states Paul Numan, CEO at Katch. “The rejection week is where a member will aim to ask questions to strangers where they know the answer will be negative and when they receive the answer they then proceed to ask why?” he continues. The concept of the rejection week is to get members comfortable with rejection and to get them having weird and wonderful conversations (interactions) with people. The more experienced you are with rejection the more carefree you feel about approaching other singles – resulting in more positive encounters.

Katch hosts a FREE rejection week webinar every Wednesday for anyone who wants to deal better with shyness. Visit for more details about this event.

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