New dating term – Lollygag Dating

Lollygag dating is the term where singles waste countless hours and money dating incorrectly. It has derived during the current economic inflationary period where money is tight and costs are spiraling out of control – singles need to seriously weigh up the costs and benefits with every dating action.  

Most singles can recall spending endless hours swiping through dating profiles and replying to messages only to feel their emotions in a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs with every interaction or the numerous dates with people who look nowhere near their profile picture or persona they depicted online. So much time and money is wasted. 

Today being single is like having Covid, nobody wants to be single and if they are they don’t want anyone to know. There seems to be a constant society push on singles to find someone quickly, a sort of stigma around being single as being a bad thing. This stigma is driving singles like headless chickens to find someone quickly as opposed to the right person.  In turn this drives the usage of mindless swiping, hours of messaging and first dates which never should have happened. Yes, people do find love on these swiping services but so do people win the lotto and be hit by lightning. 

Time is money and making ends meet is tight for most right now so wasting time on incompatible dates is like throwing money down the drain. The first thing singles can do to avoid lollygag dating is to go on dates with people they have seen before and have common acquaintances. 70% of married couples met their partner via an introduction at work or through family or friends connections. By doing this will guarantee there is the basis of a physical and emotional connection which will make the interaction smooth and worthwhile. Another way to date efficiently is to change your online dating game. Embrace modern video technology and try something new, like video dating with personality matching. A leader in this field is Wexford based Katch who bring people together with video and organize personality focused dating events. The success rate of matches while using Katch is way higher than on swiping services as everything is real and live – simulating the real world as if someone introduced you both.

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