Katch’s dating ethos of attraction is built on interaction and like attracts like.

One of the biggest problems single people face – is their thoughts control the way they feel, which inevitably controls their actions.

So if you worry alot then the feeling you will have is fear and the actions result in anxiety. Other people will feel this action as a vibration and because “like attracts like” – nobody will like to be around you.

So to change your actions all you need to do is change your thoughts. It sounds hard but just stop for a second and think of something super happy you done in your life and focus on that for 30 seconds – now ask yourself how do you feel? Happy right? Its that simple. So if you start to think negative thoughts about something, just stop and bring your thoughts back to the positive.

As for attraction is built on interaction – again super simple to understand. If you meet someone and interact with them long enough with a positive vibration then the chance of attraction is far greater. So focus on the positive “always” and get out there and chat with random strangers (have fun).

If you can’t get out and about for any reason, try our virtual events as on every event we pair you with singles who match your personality. So give it a go.

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