Katch helps combat loneliness during the pandemic

The pandemic has had a negative impact on everyone’s mental health, causing lots of anxiety and driving people into depressions. However, the long awaited easing of restrictions did not have the expected positive outcome for everyone. Now, people have to reintegrate into the social scene and restart their dating life – things which are making them even more anxious. It is no secret that another lockdown could be on the way, but this time, Katch wants to prepare you for it with our events.

Katch is the only dating platform which hosts virtual dating events. Swiping is addictive and at the end of the day you get nothing from it. When you are feeling lonely, what truly helps is just talking to someone, not install more and more dating apps. Our virtual events are here for you to video chat with potential matches and engage with others & the DJ in the bar area. You leave the event feeling good about yourself, because you have found interacted with someone as real as yourself.

Katch is a smarter way to date and we will help you combat loneliness. Make sure to check all our Novembers events: http://support.ikatch.com/events

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