Katch dating analytics shows singletons if they’re dateable or not

Dating apps are full of people who swipe right on / like the prettiest looking people and then an hour or two later wonder why nobody is reciprocating. Sometimes it is better to tell people the real truth and show the real probable stats that they have a 1.75% chance of getting a response from a 5f 8in blonde who is a 8.3 out 10, works as a receptionist in Dublin, is 8 years younger than them and lives over 150km away – so not to waste their or her time.  

The response odds could change if the members improved their profile details, added a better photo or even better a video (shaved, worn better clothes etc.) and initiated conversation with a better, more unique message.  These in play live-member analysis results will be available to all Katch members in mid June and will provide members with the necessary know-how to attract even the “out of their league” members.

Unlike all other dating services which charge to gain additional access to member services, Katch focuses on assisting members gain the most out of their time and to achieve their desired result. “People are tired of spending hours and hours scrolling and messaging people with no real results. The majority of singletons need help with online dating as it’s not as simple as chatting with a stranger in a bar. People interpret different thoughts from viewing and reading different things so we want to translate those to all members and to help them succeed” states Paul Numan, CEO at Katch.

No matter if a person is undateable on Katch (below 30%), we will provide all the necessary information to assist that person to become dateable. The very same will be said for interaction; we will provide the necessary probability stats of the person responding and also provide the recommendations necessary to succeed. We at Katch know that our advice is not going to succeed 100% of the time but if it improves our members chances by 40 – 50% then we are providing a great service to single people of all ages.

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