Ireland now has more single people than in 2019

New Year’s Eve has always been special for singles and for the past 2 years this date has had a multitude of restrictions to inhibit singles from meeting other singles.

Throughout 2021 Katch has pinpointed many issues affecting single people in Ireland but we were totally unaware of the severity of the situation – that the number of single people in Ireland is growing. The haulage industry has their protests and so does the farming community – but which lobbyist group helps the single person?  Remember bars, clubs are basically closed and masks are required everywhere you go in public, dating apps push subscriptions instead of really assisting, so what is left for the average single person in Ireland?

Katch is based in Wexford and has mastered the service of virtual events, where single people meet in a relaxed setting and have a great opportunity to really interact with that someone special.  

We know what we are saying is vital in Ireland and it will become more evident as the pandemic continues.

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