How to find a lover in Ireland this summer

There is something to be said about why the Irish find copulating in early summer the norm. Maybe it’s the smell of freshly cut grass, the farmer tan, the queuing at airports or the stop start rays of sunshine that turn us on – there is no doubt that Irish people are finally back in the mood and ready to find the one.   

Summer is most definitely the month for change as there is basically nothing in your wardrobe that prepares you for the possibility of sun and frolicking fun. Before you start hell for leather on the town or swiping like crazy there are a few simple tips to get you and your body prepared for the hunting season.

Step 1 : Update your wardrobe

Get the euros ready as many studies show that new clothes make us feel great and super confident. According to actors, wearing new swanky clothes make them stand taller and feel more confident.

Step 2 : Make yourself happy

Don’t wait for people to compliment you or for your mother to tell you that you are great.  Manifesting or simply put “imagining” where you want to be and whom you want to be with is a major part of actually achieving it.

Step 3 : Organize parties

The law of numbers applies to social engagements, the more people you can surround yourself with the better opportunity you have in finding the one you click with. Parties are 10 times better than going out to clubs as in most parties you can have a fun relaxed chat with everyone who attends and allows people to get a better insight into who you are.

Step 4 : Make new friends and be active

Join new activity groups and get involved in things you like. Ask yourself if you met the perfect partner, then which activity are they doing at the weekends – then go take part in that activity as that’s where you will meet them. We at Katch really love this advice as it’s super easy to do and works all the time.

Step 5 : Improve your online profile on all social media and dating apps

Being a dating app Katch knows that approximately 75% of profiles present a poor representation of the person, so within Katch we give clear guidelines as to what others wish to see and read about you in order to engage in a conversation. 

Step 6. Make the first move

Don’t wait for a miracle to happen where everything you dreamed of just happens exactly as you imagined. No, if you meet someone you like, just go ahead and do the miracle yourself by approaching that person and ask them out. Be in the moment and let the universe play its hand, no matter the outcome “you played”.

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