Find romance on a budget

It’s near the end of March 2022 and the Irish government is saying inflation is at 8.5% in Ireland. Try selling that to Irish motorists where the cost of fuel has increased 50% in the past 12 months or the Irish party goer where the cost of going out has increased by over 40%. The real problem here is not that wages have not gone up but the soaring prices are almost hysterical. The government’s dilemma of balancing public opinion against the real need to increase interest rates is like killing a fly with an oversized sledge hammer made of feathers.

With spring in the air, many singletons are in search of romance and with compulsory masks wearing clearly on the horizon so much uncertainty is in the air. To find love many wannabe lovers flock to dating sites in the “hope” that their faces are liked by someone they will like; physically at least. The concept of paying a monthly fee in the hope that the more swiping a user does will lead to something meaningful is almost like saying there is a pot of gold under every rainbow. In the real world everyone generally meets someone, this can’t be said with online dating and with all costs soaring many single people want results.

Well there is a way to get a better bang (pardon the pun) for your buck. Katch is a virtual dating events service which costs €20 to attend and they introduce you to 10-12 people that match your personality, age group and lifestyle. Basically attend one event and they promise that things will happen for you, no matter if you desire something serious or just looking to make new friends in your area. All events are local and they are launching this weekend in the South East of Ireland with other regions next. Visit for a listing of events.

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