Dating CEO finds love on the video dating App he developed

Single, unphotogenic and unsure that swiping apps best showed his personality, Paul Numan decided to develop Katch – a video dating app that simulated meeting people for real in person.

Statistically 40 – 60% of singletons do not find what they want on dating apps and with over 6 months of research into using the majority of market leading apps to find love Paul Numan found zero. With the aim to improve the situation, Paul watched hundreds of Youtube videos to help improve his profile and getting friends to help take the best looking photos, the result was still the same; zero or there of.

All this occurred during the pandemic while dating apps were the only way to meet people, but Paul knew that he was most successful with women while out and about meeting people face to face. On a chance encounter during a date setup by a friend, where the woman was nowhere near what her profile picture was – Paul then had a lightbulb moment and decided to develop a service that could actually help him find a girlfriend that he was attracted to physically and emotionally –  not just “a person of the prescribed gender or someone who will just do”. 

That’s when Katch was born. Based in his home town of Wexford, Paul went about generating funds and designing the app. By mid Aug 2021, the now Katch team began to hold beta test events free to the general public and that’s when Paul met Sanja. “It’s really silly but it happened so fast and I was in the midst of testing mode when she popped into my chat and we just had a relaxed fun chat – it was that simple and it flowed” says Paul Numan “I never actually thought anything at the time, as I was so busy but after the video interaction I sat back and thought to myself that I have a date – it’s working” he continues.

After the initial date in the Crown bar in Wexford came another and another as the dating phase blossomed into a relationship. “We have so much in common and our outlook on life is the same – I supposed you could say we just clicked” says Paul. Now over 7 months together proves that video dating is a good and easy way to meet people for real and someone who can change your life forever.

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