Katch Events simulate a bar style environment. 

Inside each event there can be a broadcaster and MC which could be a comedian, DJ or musician.  Like in a bar these entertainers are there to create distraction and add fun to the event. 

  • All attendees can chat with each others in the Main Chat Box, while they wait for their next Video Date.
  • Throughout the event You can enable or disable Mingling Mode. You can do it by pressing the button in the bottom right corner.

When Mingling Mode is switched ON you are presented with a person for a video call for 2 mins.  During the call you can give a LIKE to the person (heart button) or End the call at any time by pressing “X”. 

Anyone you like will appear again during Video Call rotation.  Anyone you disliked, will not be seen again.

You can switch OFF the Mingling Mode to take a break, listen the broadcaster & chat with others in the main chat box.

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